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  • Palo Verde High School8

    Las Vegas, NV | Clark County

    December 7, 2014

    The teachers and students at Palo have been very welcoming to my daughter as a new student. Many activities, good academics, and support from teachers have helped with her transition from out of state. Very pleased so far.

    Submitted by a parent

    May 6, 2014

    I went here for not even a year, and left for online school. Maybe, I just wasn't meant for regular high school. But, I'll tell you what you should know as a student, and even a parent. This school defies cliquey. There's several "cool" kid tables in the lunch room, and they're not welcoming unless you're super pretty or handsome and in their style. They hardly ever have newcomers, it's hard to fit in. But, nobodies exactly mean. You just know their smiles aren't real, if they even acknowledge you at all. I feel unless you're "in" you could have a much better high school experience else where, like Spring Valley. Plus, a lot of these kids have known each other forever as Sig Rogich middle school is less than a mile down the street. Not to mention getting a Mercedes or Mustang as your first car is common, so keep in mind these kids parents are RICH.

    April 23, 2014

    The staff at Palo Verde High School is extremely rude. They need to be taught how to be polite and deal with students and parents. They are several complaints about this high school and believe me they are all TRUE. I truly regret transferring my kid to this school.

    Submitted by a parent

    March 2, 2014

    I hate this school, i just came here from another school, and Palo Verde wasnt welcoming at all. If you're not rich nobody cares about you. They only care about their football team. I do not like it and wish to transfer. The teachers are okay but when i have difficulties they just tell me to "look at my notes" before Palo i attended Cimarron and I loved it! I really want to leave Palo.

    Submitted by a student

    February 12, 2014

    Palo Verde is mediocre at best. Don't expect quality teaching unless your child is enrolled in honors or AP classes. This isn't so much the high school's fault as it is the state's and government's. The school is full of cliques, making every teenage soul in that school feel more alienated than ever. The student parking lot is filled with more expensive cars than the teachers' parking lot. The staff is fine. The student body, however, is horrible. Some of the staff will rub elbows with the richer students, often overlooking broken rules or truancy as long as the students bring them Starbucks. It's a typical mediocre school in the middle of the God forsaken desert. The rich reign supreme while the rest fall in the shadows. Honors and AP teachers are often *fantastic*, willing to speak openly with their students and challenge them. Honors and AP appears to be the "average" class. Anything below is deemed "stupid" by the students. Las Vegas is a horrible place to raise children. If it weren't for Lake Mead, the city wouldn't exist. If you can, keep children OUT of this city, before they get stuck in UNLV, University of Never Leaving Vegas.

    October 18, 2013

    I have a Junior and a Freshman at PV. We recently moved here, and come from a VERY successful and high ranking school district. While our past school ranked MUCH higher than PV, we chose PV because of their AP Course availability, test scores, etc. They have a nice campus. They have the rudest and most unfriendly staff I have ever encountered!! We have found LV to be so friendly and welcoming so the school staff attitude is really sad! They also have HORRIBLE to NO communication with regards to campus safety, etc. (campus bullying incidents, campus lockdowns, the lockdowns were due to off campus incidents). This school has made great strides in academia, I compliment them for that... BUT there is more to being a GREAT school than that! We are looking at other options for our kids because the minus' far out weigh the pluses here... there are other places to get a great education that have a friendly and helpful staff where a parent can feel confident their children are safe. I would be mortified if I saw my child treat someone the way their admin staff treats people! Preference and effort is given to those who can be added to their wall of fame.. the rest are tossed aside.

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    September 26, 2013

    My 11th grade son just started Palo this year after moving from another state where he attended a school in one of the best school districts in the US. (Parent job transfer). I have not yet formed an opinion, as it's a bit early in the year, but we chose Palo because of it's past scores and reputation. Definitely a BIG school and wish they had a better on-boarding system in place for the "new" kids. Maybe set them up with both an adult AND a student "mentor" or something? Make the transition more smooth for a kid, as this is their life! A mom can only do so much. I realize LV is a very transient town, but this is the first move for my family and want it to be perfect.

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    September 10, 2013

    I am currently a freshman at palo verde and it is not as bad as these review are saying it is. It is true that there are a lot of rich kids but would you rather be with rich kids or poor kids? I am not a rich kid nor a skinny tall blond girl like the magority of the school but I am not judged. The people are actually nice you just need to be social able. this school is one of the best schools in Las Vegas. The only concern you really need to have is not to fall down the stairs because it happens :)

    July 4, 2013

    This school is not all its cracked up to be. I went there for 4 years and graduated and it was not the best. The administration is pretty rude especially the hall monitors. They take such joy in stalking kids in hallways taking away phones left and right. Its like a game to them. Some of the coaches are jerks too. Nicholas Meis for example, (the cross country coach) is a total jerk. Worst coach Ive ever had in my high school life. What high school coach demeans his team and never gives any credit? Its awful. Also, if you ever have an issue with a teacher or coach and try to bring it to the principal with or as a parent they do absolutely nothing. Even if it involved a teacher telling a student they are worthless or cursing at them. The kids are a wide mix there are a lot of druggies and alcoholics as youll find anywhere and theres also the preppy popular morman clicks and such. I would definitely not reccomend this school unless its an absolute last resort type of situation.

    March 3, 2013

    Palo Verde is indeed a wonderful school and provides resources for students. However, they do make it seem like athletic and sport reputation is more important than the academic aspect. Although, this is probably not true many students would definitely agree that this is the case. This school does contain disrespectful students just like any other school. However, schools in areas such at SW region have more respect amongst peers and teachers. Therefore, students in Summerlin tend to be uptight and snobby but this doesn't apply to everyone. Palo Verde has excellent teachers and challenging academic programs.

    February 28, 2013

    We are a military family and my daughter attended Palo for a year while we were stationed there. I found that with anything, even high school, it is mostly what you make it. The resources are all there.. academics, athletics, extracurricular clubs, music, fine teachers and administrators, etc.. Yes.. there are some financially privileged kids that go to this school, (as well as a number of private schools within 5-10 miles of Palo)..that's because the Summerlin area does attract some very successful professional people that settle there. Some may be 'snotty', and some are wonderful welcoming people. Don't expect the school and teachers to do everything for you. Take some personal responsibility for making your own way, honestly and with a positive attitude. My daughter is in college now after attending four different high schools. She gained lasting knowledge, learned valuable life lessons, and made wonderful friends at all four schools. Palo is one of the best schools that Las Vegas has to offer. There are others as well, but they ALL will have great things, and some not so great things. Palo definitely has more of the great things. Make your own way people.

    Submitted by a parent

    February 3, 2013

    This school is terrible.They care more about their athletics/sport reputation than students education. I started school here in February 2012. Today is February 2013. I'm a junior at this school now and would do absolutely anything to go back to my school in California. My first day here I was treated badly by my counselor being told that my transcripts were horrible which made me feel disrespected. Also whenever I would walk to class I would have classmates giving me dirty looks. The school contains many snotty rich kids who believe they are better than everyone. The staff is also very rude and bias about many situations. It's extremely hard to make friend here. I'm very easy to get along with and had many friends at my old school but here, I've only made 1 friend and I've been here for a year.There is also a lot of bullying. This school is so bad I can honestly care less about graduating. It's hard to do well in school when you are surround by students who think they are better than everyone and wont take a chance to meet other people. I wouldn't recommend parents to send they kids at this school. It's been the worst experience I've had in my 17 years of living.

    September 11, 2012

    I had an issue at the school my sons freshman year, but we met with a dean who listened and communicated with my husband and I. The issue was resolved and I was very pleased with the professionalism. My son is now a Junior and I have to say that this school's teachers, coaches and administration have helped to grow him (and grow my daughter) into responsible students. The JR ROTC program has been an AMAZING program for my son and my daughter. My only daughter is a new freshman. I had no fear to but her into this school. I trust this school with my children and I am very pleased with Palo! I love watching my children grow, learn and change because of this "great" school.

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    September 1, 2012

    A big majority of this school contains rich,rude,nasty snobs who are disrespectful to their peers and the teachers! I have seen bullying countless times at this school and nothing is ever done about it! If you are not rich and beautiful then expect to be bullied it is so sad that this happens. Not to mention the Deans who yell at you for everything, they stand outside of your bus and watch as you get off to see if your dress coded and if you are they will literally run after you to get you they also dress code you even when you aren't! (No joke this happened to me 2 days ago). This school is horrible and you if you are thinking about sending your child here I suggest you rethink your plans and send them somewhere else

    June 19, 2012

    after reading these reviews all i can say is i have o 1 child currently attending and a second starting this august, both my children came from private schools and i was very apprehensive about sending them to public especially since vegas has 1 of the worst public school systems in the country, but i did my research spoke with many people and in my opinion , Palo is 1 of the few quality high schools in vegas !!! My child did well both years and enjoys the teachers, grades were NOT an issue my child finished both years with straight As.... remember kids gotta put in the work to get the benefits, so if your child is not doing HW not applying themselves then of course they will NOT do well and this applys to any school anywhere !!! Kids even flunk out of the best schools in the country...it is ultimately up to them either they sink or swim!!!!

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